BEAMS | Make self care a daily routine

Want to switch on your inner power every morning?

BEAMS is a self care brand that infuses your daily coffee with plant-based superfoods, nootropics and adaptogens.

Being & Becoming Beams

We believe people will create their best life, if they are at their peak state.
The key to being at our best, is to make sure our body and mind are in their best shape.

Everything we do at Beams Co. is a way to switch on that power within us, by focusing on our body’s health and well being.
We’ve listened to people and consulted nutritionists, and we’ve come up with a seamless experience for you to enjoy amazing coffee every day while taking care of yourself with every sip of goodness.

Meet Your Beams

Our foumulas with superfoods, nootropics and adaptogens, are paired with curated specialty coffee handpicked from coffee roasters from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. We then hermatically nitrogen seal our enhanced coffee for freshness into bio-degradable coffee capsules so you can unlock and enjoy with convenience at home using any Nespresso® compatible machine.

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