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Our Story

Years of constant work, intense traveling between multiple countries,  led to an eventual burnout. This was followed by a routine health check up where I received shocking news of a health problem that you would normally find in a sixty year old, but not a person in his thirties.

That was me. I was driven to the edge chasing “success” which brought on decades of unmanaged stress and anxiety onto my body, in only a matter of years.

After a few months recovering from surgery with my closest and dearest. I realized what I had experienced was not unique, it was a story being repeated around me. If it happened to me, it could happen to my friends, family or anyone I cared about.

My siblings and I decided we had to take action before it was too late.

We found something in our professional lives that was ubiquitous, our coffee routine, and saw it as an opportunity to bring forth positive and meaningful change. We spent months talking to nutritionists and finding the best natural ingredients that could help align body and mind. And we went about this mission, to make something that would boost the daily coffee into something that would help the body become resilient to stress. Simultaneously we were careful to use eco-friendly materials and sustainable production practices, so we would not solve one problem but add another.

Enter Beams. Its mission is to craft amazing health and wellness products that help people find time to nurture and balance their body and mind, while connecting them with the wider world.

Herman Wong
The Wong Siblings

Our Belief

We believe people will make and create their best life, if they are at their peak state. It starts with strong foundations in health and wellness so that stress and anxiety from their busy and intense life can be managed.

Beams Coffee

In Beams coffee we share something beyond just acknowledging good coffee but also our desire for a well-crafted life that we have decided to carve out from our daily commitment and habits. It is also a shared purpose to become more as we connect deeper with ourselves and others. We hope to build a community where we can have a coffee while sharing stories, messages, and support for each other in achieving our health and wellness goals.

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