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Our Story

After experiencing the stresses and challenges of life the team behind Beams Coffee decided to act on turning that life experience into an opportunity that would create meaningful change and have benefits for everyone.

Herman, Sharon, Stephen and Chamani spent months collaborating with nutritionists on their journey to find the best natural ingredients that could be combined to reduce stress, boost resilience and fight fatigue. The answer was obvious – coffee was the key, and they were ready to give it a shot – no pun intended!

Why coffee you might ask? What’s a day without our morning coffee?

Enter Beams.

Our Belief

The key to living our best lives is to take care of our health. If we feel good, great things happen all around us. By harnessing natural plant-based nutrients we unlock the greatest potentials and boost positive energy.


We want to inspire people to do good and feel great through conscious choices. We design eco-friendly products that don’t compromise on quality and without the expense of our own environment.

Health & Wellness

You’re in the driver’s seat for your health and wellness. Enhance your daily routine and find time to nurture and balance the body and mind.


This isn’t a solo journey, the power of community is far better than what we can achieve alone. So let’s build one! Together we can empower each other to live our fullest, healthiest lives.

About our products

Beams coffee capsules are biodegradable and compostable. Our capsules are created entirely from sugarcane and sugar beet which means that the complete capsule, including the foil, is made from plant materials. So you can drink completely guilt free knowing you can pop them in the bin after use.

Ingredients that are in tune with nature.

Under the right conditions these coffee capsules will fully break-down into compost after 10 weeks. This means that our entire capsule can be chewed up, and spat out by our little microbial friends, leaving behind biomass, CO2 and water

Ethical beans and social audit of our suppliers.

Our core values are to continue to harness a sustainable product that protects the environment, not damages it. We achieve this by selecting ingredients that are in harmony with nature and through our commitment to ethically sourcing all of our coffee beans.

We believe there is no better time to contribute back to our community than now

We carefully select our suppliers to make sure our upstream suppliers are in tune with our philosophies. We will be partnering with the Hong Kong Composting community to collect our used capsules at several collection points which will promote industrial composting. There is no better time to give back to our planet than now.

Our mission is to replace one aluminium coffee capsule at a time with our environmentally friendly alternative. It may take some time but our determination to do better will be unwavering. (that and a few strong espressos).

Our Products

Beams has partnered up with eco-conscious custom packaging providers to ensure we recycle and cause zero waste.

Tree Planting

For every 200 boxes that we purchase, our provider will plant 1 tree and gift it through EcoMatcher.

Paper and Cardboard Packaging

All materials are paper and cardboard based and are made from at least 50% post-consumer content. The standard finish for our packaging is matte varnish which doesn’t contain any plastic layers like matte lamination does.

Soy-based Ink

The ink used is soy-based, which is environmentally friendly and produces eye-catching vibrant colors. Soy-based ink is produced from soybean oil, mixed with natural resins and waxes. Not only is it non-toxic and easier to recycle, it’s also more cost effective than traditional petroleum ink.