Lions Mane is known to significantly boost the cognitive function of the brain. The active ingredients in the mushroom stimulate the growth and regeneration of neurons. The ingredients found in Lions Mane also have several properties that act as a potent source of antioxidants which create a barrier to prevent oxidative stress and chronic inflammation in the body – now that’s food for thought!

(10 pods per box)

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For the Mentalist

I will now wake up and clear up the brain fog. I am the one that suits up and turns up, determined and focused. With clarity and certainty I am improving and growing more every day.

Deep dive into our pods

The Beans

Ethiopian Mormora Guji, Guatemala Finca Morito and Colombian Popayan beans make up this eclectic infusion of silky-smooth flavours. Characterised by milk chocolate and caramel aromas this blend was roasted by the best in Marrickville, Sydney.

The Packaging

Biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules that are EN13432 certified and a cellulose oxygen barrier lid. Nitrogen flushed and hermetically sealed for freshness.

The Extracts

Hericium erinaceus 10:1 Extract (Lions Mane mushroom).

Best Served

Flush your machine with hot water by running once with no capsule in the machine. Meanwhile warm up your coffee cup by rinsing with hot water. Pop the capsule in your machine and brew your coffee. This medium bodied blend is perfect for coffee lovers who like it black, although a dash of milk will also bring these deliciously complex flavours to life.

The Coffee Roast

This delicious coffee comes from Marrickville in Sydney, an area renowned for its extraordinary variety of coffee artisans and craftsmen. By staying true to the vibrant culture of this industrial-chic community, we have successfully created a well-balanced blend that is packed with all of Marrickville’s personality. Hints of sweet caramel and the fresh aroma of stone fruit awaken the palate.

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