We’ve bundled our Mum’s favourite IMMUNITY coffee elixir with extra goodies to create an amazing care package for Mother’s Day.

The bundle includes:

  • one IMMUNITY flavour
  • one flavour of your choice
  • one 6oz reusable Huskee coffee cup
  • one BEAMS Co. tote bag.

This Mother’s Day bundle available while stock lasts.


  • Add an additional flavour from our range of coffee elixirs
  • IMMUNITY is already selected for you
  • Free shipping code is IAMBEAMS

Additional Product info:

Huskee Reusable cup 6oz Natural

HKD$ 690.00 HKD$ 360.00

Product Quantity


The adaptogens in the Reishi extract act as a stress soother. They support the body’s natural ability to tackle fatigue and reduce anxiety. Reishi is abundant with nutritional components that stimulate the immune system. Their incredible ability to act as a defence mechanism provide a barrier to pathogens, viruses and bacteria.

(10 pods per box)



Tremella is often referred to as the Beauty mushroom. It contains polysaccharides which stimulate enzymes that support the effects of anti-ageing and improve overall skin health. Tremella is also high in vitamin D which is not only beneficial for the skin, it is an essential requirement for healthy teeth and bones. Think of it as natures Vitamin D powerhouse.

(10 pods per box)



Lions Mane is known to significantly boost the cognitive function of the brain. The active ingredients in the mushroom stimulate the growth and regeneration of neurons. The ingredients found in Lions Mane also have several properties that act as a potent source of antioxidants which create a barrier to prevent oxidative stress and chronic inflammation in the body - now that's food for thought!

(10 pods per box)



Ever felt like you need an extra burst of energy in the morning? Beta glucans found in Cordyceps Sinensis promote oxygen levels which increase our energy carrying molecules known as ATP. This helps maintain high energy levels keeping us at optimum performance. The Adaptogens found in Cordyceps Sinensis also support the bodies ability to cope with physical and mental stress by reducing fatigue. What a great way to start the day!

(10 pods per box)



A full bodied coffee without the caffeine using the Swiss Water Process®. Drink brazenly day or night with toasted almond flavors medium roasted paired with Reishi. Reishi is abundant with nutritional components that stimulate the immune system, tackle fatigue and reduce anxiety.

(10 pods per box)


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